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Radical Son

From the Kamilaroi nation of Australia and the South Pacific nation of Tonga he is a strong man with a stronger stage presence and a mesmerising voice that at once seduces the soul and punches the heart. 

From hip-hop roots to soulful social statement, Radical Son’s debut album Cause & Affect is both potent and sublime. It conjures uncompromising visions and merciless lyrics of where we’ve come from and what could be. After an incredible transformational life journey; one that every man can relate to, yet would never chose to go through, Radical Son re-emerges as Australia’s own big black soul man with a capital M. 

Since the album’s release, the band have enjoyed high rotation on Australian national broadcast radio ABC Triple J and Double J; have featured regularly on National Indigenous TV (NITV); headlined a sold out show in Melbourne as part of the Australasian Worldwide Music Festival (AWME); performed at festivals such as the Brunswick Music Festival, Moomba, Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival, Sydney Festival, NAIDOC Week, Spirit Festival, Rivers to Recognition festival, as well as tours with the legendary Archie Roach. In 2015, the band were nominated for both Best Music Video (Human Behaviour) and Best Cover Art (Cause ‘N Affect) at the National Indigenous Music Awards, for which they won the award for best cover art.

Radical Son is due to release their second album in 2023.

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