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Richard Mogu

Richard Mogu hails from Milne Bay province on the south coast of Papua New Guinea and now resides in Goroka. Mogu has been a feature musician in PNG for many years, as a solo artist and session musician.  Excelling in both traditional and contemporary style Mogu is a multi instrumentalist.


Whilst bass is his feature instrument he is also adept at mambu (bamboo flutes), garamut drumming, guitars and percussion. He was taught by legendary Sanguma founder Tony Subam. Mogu has also been involved in a producer of other PNG artists and toured the USA with Sing Sing in 2009. Now through his relationship with Wantok Musik, he has released his debut solo album.


Produced by Airi Ingram, Inagwe is an astonishing mix of contemporary and traditional PNG sounds. Mogu has created something distinctive and is part of the new sound of PNG Dispela cd emi nambawan.

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