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Moab Stringband

The Moab Stringband are one of PNG’s most highly regarded stringbands. This is probably due to Telek’s fame as the lead singer of Painim Wok who in the 1980s was, along with fellow Rabaul act, Barike, one of the biggest bands in PNG, and with West Papua’s Black Brothers, one of the biggest selling acts in the whole of Melanesia.


The Moab Stringband have toured Australia as part of Sing Sing and the band knocked out audiences at the Sydney opera House, the Victorian Arts Centre (Hamer Hall),The Strand in Townsville (to 5000 people), and  two sell out shows at the Powerhouse in Brisbane. The Moab Stringband are amazing ambassadors for PNG and wowed audiences new to the stringband sound.

To see them perform live, moving in unison as they play is like you've been let in on a special secret.




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