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From soaring island vibes to hymns of the freedom fighters, veterans of Maubere Timor release a stunning 12 track album to memorialise a historical movement through music to educate and inform future generations.

1975 marked the beginning of a long and tiring journey of resistance for the people of Timor-Leste. Stripped of their peaceful existence and claim to freedom the Timorese gave life to their only form of communication to neighbours of the outside world, through music. Far away in the mountains, members of the resistance known as the FALINTIL vigorously wrote and recorded a number of tracks instilling empowerment, strength and courage to feed East Timors fight for peace. Through music they sent messages to one another and to all other Timorese associated with the cause of independence and liberation of their home.

Maubere Timor is an ensemble of old school Timor-Leste veterans who spread their love of power in speech through a 12 track album that touches on haunting topics of occupation and songs of their past that will solidify their heroic history and the memory of the resistance movement for future generations.
Most tracks were penned and sung for the first time in the mountains of Timor-Leste by the FALINTIL and were smuggled out through clandestine channels to be used by the Timorese Diaspora to raise awareness of the plight of the Timorese in the international fora.

Through song, the Timorese spread awareness of nationalism that served as motivation to maintain a sturdy battle for liberation of the oppressed. The many songs that were recorded spoke of experiences and adventures of war, anthems of preparation for guerrilla fighters and inspired generations to continue the fight for Independence.

  As part of the Association’s activities, a band of brothers was formed in 2014 to bring association members together through music. The purpose of Maubere Timor was to revive music from the resistance and to honour songs from the past that are now apart of a long and vital history.

In collaboration with the Prime Minister's Office for Veterans Affiars Maubere Maubere Timor was brought to life in David Bridie's studio in Melbourne and mixed by Andy Robinson. The sound is passionate and acoustic, with soaring harmonies, laments and songs of inspiration. The idea is not that different from the Buena Vista Socials Club where the veterans have reinvigorated songs of their countries past. But this time it is from the hills behind enemy lines.

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