George Telek

George Mamua Telek's songs and his hauntingly beautiful voice, traverse many musical styles capturing the spirit of the Tolai people of Papua New Guinea. Blending contemporary grooves with Melanesian rhythms, the music is enriched with island harmonies and textured environmental sounds.


It was the Moab Stringband’s “Hammerhead Shark” cassette that first brought George Telek to the attention of Bridie and many others back in 1986 and led to the recording/collaboration of Telek with Not Drowning, Waving on the international “Tabaran” album at Pacific Gold Studios in rabaul. From here George Telek’s international solo career took off. He has recorded three solo albums: “Telek”; “Serious Tam”; and “Amette”. “Amette” won an ARIA award, an MBE in PNG and glowing reviews from Losuia to London, and from Namatanai to New York. “Serious Tam” saw Telek signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World label. The subsequent international tour to promote that album saw Telek play to such salubrious venues as the Olde Shakespeare Globe Theatre, Womad Reading, Seattle and Hannover.

Whether it is through his work with the village-based Moab Stringband or his collaboration, Telek is one of the most important performers in the Pacific region.

Closer in style to Australian Aboriginal music than anything Asian. Using acoustic guitar, traditional drums, and three-part harmonies sung in his native Tolai language as well as pidgin English, the mixture is surprisingly accessible.

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Telek's voice on its own is a thing of rare beauty.

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...a very appealing traditional/world pop fusion.

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