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Ngaiire (ny-ree) openly welcomed the hard road to musical success turning down an offer to relocate to New York and sign a hefty recording deal with music mogul Stephen Stone of Ruffhous Records fame (Lauryn Hill, Cyprus Hill, The Fugees). Barely 20, she saw the need to grow herself as an artist choosing to tour with friend and mentor Paul Mac.

Learning what she could from being the youngest in a band of seasoned on the road musicians, Ngaiire then spent the next few years touring with politically inclined roots band Blue King Brown and gypsy jazz band Monsieur Camembert.


Ngaiire has never been one to reside within the confines of a musical box constantly bleeding out the corners, owing to having such a diverse upbringing. Migrating to Australia from Papua New Guinea at the ready age of 16, the challenge of cultural adjustment lead her to find solace in, what seemed to her, the familiar souls of Sarah Vaughan and Jeff Buckley, both present in her vocal style today.

A fully formed and utterly distinctive album from a major talent. 8/10 stars.



One of the standout local releases of the year.

[Beat Magazine]


Lamentations is an enviable debut. 5/5.

[It’s My Kind Of Scene]

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