The Wantok Musik Foundation is a not-for-profit Music Label that records, releases and promotes culturally infused music from Indigenous Australia, Melanesia and Oceania. Wantok Musik raises the local and international profile of Indigenous and world music groups based in the region, and provides greater economic opportunity for artists and long-term career sustainability.
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Measures to ensure that the spread COVID19 has lead to major disruptions and ramifications to many industries.


The music industry as a whole has been hit especially hard by event cancellations leading to large losses in income for artists as well as the harder to quantify, loss of opportunities. 


Our Wantok artists are particularly vulnerable to these effects with music being the only income source for many. Artists, unlike other workers can’t work from home and do not get paid leave or often not in the position to have financial safety net. 


For those who can, please consider supporting all musicians and industry workers in other ways.


A few ways that you can support Wantok artists is by purchasing their music digitally or physically, as well as streaming their music via all major digital platforms. 


Thank you for your ongoing support!

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