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SingSing is a tok pidgin word from Papua New Guinea meaning a large musical gathering, a celebration in song and dance, a music party.


The SingSing concerts have since the mid 90s brought together some of the most important singers, musicians and dancers in a unique state of the art concert performance, presenting traditional, contemporary, choral and stringband music with accompanying visuals and aural soundscapes to capture a sense of place. Sing Sing explores the shared links and differences of culture, of history, and of place. From the highlands of West Papua, through the forests and coral atolls of PNG, through the many Torres Strait Islands and down into the vast deserts of Australia: we follow these important songlines. 


The SingSing ensemble have been invited to perform at the 2012 London Olympics, WOMADelaide, The Sydney Opera House (Message Sticks Festival), and Boomerang Festival, as well as tours throughout Melanesia, Europe, and the USA.

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