The Wantok Musik Foundation is a not-for-profit Music Label that records, releases and promotes culturally infused music from Indigenous Australia, Melanesia and Oceania. Wantok Musik raises the local and international profile of Indigenous and world music groups based in the region, and provides greater economic opportunity for artists and long-term career sustainability.
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'We Have COME To


We Have Come To Testify (There Is Much We Want The World To Know) is a record and illustrated book that contains songs and spoken testimonies delivered over Melanesian beats and soundscapes.


The illustrations by Michael Kumnick have been drawn based on the testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the 1998 Byak massacre in West Papua, as given at a 2013 Citizen’s Tribunal.

The testimonies are spoken/written by Mama Tineke, Yudha Korwa, Ronny Kareni, Sixta Mambour and Marcel Meltherorong with music produced by David Bridie and performed by Radical Son, the late Ferry Marisan and Tio Bang amongst others.

We Have Come To Testify is proudly released on Wantok Musik as a combined book and CD package. The package is available as a free purchase (book and CD hard copy) or digital download (see link below), via our online store here.

Supported by Dulwich Centre Foundation, Pasifika, Wantok Musik, Make West Papua Safe, Further Arts, ELSHAM and The Australian Research Council.

In memory of Ferry Marisan, talented musician and songwriter, friend and brother, who passed away just before the book went to print.

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