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Archie Roach Memorial and Radical Son upcoming album

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Radical Son will be appearing at the Archie Roach memorial on December 10 to perform a rendition of Archie’s moving song, ‘Walking Into Doors’. Radical Son worked closely with Archie Roach over many years, namely as part of the ‘Into the Bloodstream’ choir but most notably via collaborations for Radical Son’s debut album, ‘Cause ’N Effect’.

Archie was incredibly supportive and encouraging of Radical Son’s talent and the development of his strong career. This appearance will pay respect to their strong friendship, and nod to the indelible mark Archie Roach has made on the creative landscape of Australia.

Looking further ahead, Radical Son will release his second album through Wantok Musik in 2023. Led by the forthcoming single ‘Elder’, the album promises to be a strong return for the Kamilaroi musician.

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