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Black Rock Band are pleased to announce the release of the music video for 'Red Black and Yellow.'


This music video complements the theme for this year’s Reconciliation Week: In This Together. Black Rock Band enlists the help of Black Rock Band’s musical community including Kutcha Edwards, Emma Donovan, Shellie Morris, David Bridie as well as Liam Gough and Brendon Love from the Teskey Brothers. In the video these musicians join the band to sing the rousing chorus line “What’s the colour of my flag? Red Black & Yellow!”

“Too deadly! Makes you wanna sing real loud!” - Kutcha Edwards

The music video explores the historical fight for the rights of First Nations people in Australia throughout history as well as the current push for racial justice with the Indigenous Lives Matter movement. The song was written in response to the ‘Change The Date’ debate but is an enduring a rallying cry to the community for pride and solidarity.

Tio releases new single

'Black Butterfly'

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Ni-Vanuatu multi-instrumentalist Tio releases his captivating single ‘Black Butterfly’, the first track to be released since his debut self-titled EP in 2015.


The single is the first listen from the talented singer songwriter’s debut album Sorousian, due out late 2020. The song is inspired by city life and Tio’s belief that people need to live and work more truthfully; it asks the audience to rethink their lifestyle’s relationship with nature.


“The black butterfly is flying, much like our dreams. Many people living in the city dream of a simple life or want to be happy, but the reality is that most are just working to earn money and don’t think about the impact of their work; sometimes we destroy without care for Mother Earth. They’re not actually taking the step to live more in harmony with nature. We know that nature is the source of life - without it we wouldn’t be alive.”

Tio hopes this track will help people reconsider the way that we educate the next generations to live an urban life. With the current situation showing how slowing industry and human movement has positively impacted the environment, there is never a better time to think about nature and our way of life. Tio admits “I don’t have the answer - it's just an idea for us to discuss together.”

You can buy the track at our bandcamp or stream it via you favourite platform. 

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