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Wantok Musik Presents: Manus Island with John Faunt

John Faunt is a music artist from Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Over the years John has been performing in Papua New Guinea and Melanesia with his band Hausboi and is an active Manus Garamut (slit log) drummer. John is now based in Brisbane, Australia and on the board of the Wantok Musik Foundation ( assisting their work with indigenous music and culture in the region.


John continues to follow his passion in preserving and showcasing his traditional Manus Island heritage through a new solo music album, whilst working on the 'Lukautim Pasin Tumbuna' or 'Safeguard our Cultural Heritage' project documenting and protecting sacred Manus traditional rhythms and dances from the effects of modernisation.

John is passionately driven to be a voice for his Manus people by giving a more balanced picture of the Island Province and portray its beauty, culture and people to the world.

John Faunt will be conducting a performance and workshop at the 2016 Boomerang Festival. Catch him 6:30pm on Saturday the 26th of March at the Boomerang Talks and Ideas tent, and then on Sunday morning at 11:15am for 'The Boat Debate' discussion with Tenzin Choegal and George Negus.

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