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Values & Benefits


Indigenous and world musicians from Australia and the region have struggled in the past to gain recognition abroad due to access to the world markets often being cost-prohibitive. The Wantok Musik label will provide an avenue for the sector to capitalize on the developing interest abroad in music, art and culture from Australia and the region and to create an opportunity for international and Australian distributors and festival presenters to develop long-term relationships with artists of the region.


The Wantok Musik Foundation will continue to encourage long term music export sales through international wholesale networks. In the immediate to short-term, it will have the capacity to produce immediate sales for artists who are due to be released at the starting point of the label. The development of the music label is a key part of the Wantok Musik Foundation’s objective of providing a myriad of opportunities for significant cultural exchanges, as the sharing of ideas through music, social discussion, community interaction and the arts are all essential in allowing the process of understanding cultures and identities in Australia and the surrounding region.


Whereas misconceptions and the branding of social stereotypes of cultural communities can result in ignorance, fear and racism. Australia is centrally placed culturally, economically, geographically, politically and socially and thus has a sense of responsibility to lead this process of representing Indigenous peoples and the peoples of our region in a positive and constructive culturally sensitive manner.


The Wantok Musik Foundation is kindly supported by the following:


The Wantok Musik label will address this through:

  • Providing social and community relevance with the interaction and inclusion of artists representing all cultural community groups.

  • Provide an opportunity for an international audience to recognise and understand the significance and cultural vitality that exists in contemporary Indigenous societies throughout Australia and the region.

  • Offer the opportunity for performance groups to share cultural and historical similarities.

  • Facilitate the interaction of Indigenous and non-indigenous groups through cultural exchange workshop programs to develop a better understanding of Indigenous music art and culture.

  • Raising the media profile of artists through quality production and subsequent radio airplay and representation in print media.

  • Through the promotion of Indigenous and world music artists to a significantly larger world market,



Wantok Musik will aid the ongoing sustainable development of, and collaboration with the sector through a growing cultural economy and encourage greater cultural diversity in Australia and the region.

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